{May 17, 2008}   Rockbox on Ipod 30GB

Are you bored up with your same theme of Apple in your Ipod. You wanna have change in your taste? Try this new one

Introducing the Rockbox version of Ipod

Rockbox is an open source firmware replacement for a growing number of digital audio players. It has been in development since 2001 and receives new features, tweaks and fixes every day to provide you with the best possible music listening experience. Rockbox aims to be considerably more functional and efficient than your device’s stock firmware while remaining easy to use and customizable. We believe that you should never need to go through a series of menus for an action you perform frequently. We also believe that you should be able to configure almost anything about Rockbox you could want, pertaining to functionality. It is written by users, for users.

Download Rockbox

Take you ipod in disk mode.

Install Rockbox. And Enjoy.

If you need to go back to your original settings of IPOD just click “Restore” in your itunes.

There are plenty of themes available in RockBox . Some of the best looks like the pictures shown below.

To install themes get themes from the RockBox Theme site. Get the .zip files , unzip them to Root:\.rockbox and Use folder names when you extract the files.

You can also play games in your RockBox Ipod.

Some other features are

  • Bookmarking – allows you to resume playback where you stopped listening not just for one audio file but for lots eg: audio books, music, podcasts etc
  • MPEG video support – to play video files which take up much less space than Quicktime MOV etc
  • 5-band fully-parametric equalizer with lots of pre-sets
  • Support for over 15 Sound Codecs, including OGG, FLAC, MP3, AC3, WMA, WAV etc
  • JPEG image and text-file viewing

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Mario says:

it keeps saying that it cant find the ipod…. i’ve already put it in disk mode…..still nothin happens

Hi Mario.Have to tried to kill all itunes process accessing the ipod.Do it from taskmanager.yes before that put the ipod in disk mode.

Olivier says:

i don t know how to install the theme, i have to unzip the theme but i don t know how to do it !!!

Hi oliver unzip the theme using winrar. and then copy them in the folder.

Recently I am going to try Ephpod
If any one have tried please post here.

bryan_21 says:

I dont now how to install the themes, i already etract the thmes and copy to IPOD but it never appeared on the screen of my ipod..please help me!!

hi bryan.can you check themes in the settings.

dollar says:

i dont know where exactly to copt the themes help me pls cause on the moment my ipod has no firmware on it

dollar says:

where is Root:\.rockbox ????????

You really did your homework on that one!

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